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We Help People In Need Around The World

Myafa is a not for profit organization formed by a team of healthcare professionals and community health workers under the leadership of Dr Evangeline Obi to help meet the needs of the community both locally and globally based on needs assessment of the area.

We offer free educational sessions, physically and digitally; free health fairs to increase awareness, screen and provide education about general wellness and better control of chronic diseases when present.

Our mission is to be the guide for promoting wellness through disease prevention awareness, research and better self-management of chronic disease conditions.

Our goal is to provide physical, mental and emotional wellness to all in need through partnership with available programs in the community including the health department and other agencies to achieve the health- need goal for the community with 25% improvement or more.

We partner with behavioral health workers, and spiritual communities to help provide mental, spiritual, and social aide to those that need it.

We partner with our local farmers and grocery stores to help people assess healthy food options to maintain wellness.

We partner with primary care providers, schools and shelters to provide wellness resources for disease prevention and better disease self-management. We will work with patients/participants in groups and on one on one bases, based on their needs to achieve the set goal.

Myafa is run by volunteers and organizations in achieving the set goal. Donors and supporters will get a tax free donation benefits and all proceeds will be used in achieving the set goal.

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